Thanks to its teams (company law, commercial agreements, taxation and disagreements), our firm has developed a particular skill regarding the restructuration of the companies in difficulty.

Our firm intervenes besides the legal director to advise him in the choice and the implementation of the procedure that is best suited to the situation of the company, in particular to allow the restructuring of its debt or the transfer of its activity (ad’hoc mandate, conciliation, saving procedure, receivership …)

Our teams also assist creditors and contractors of companies in difficulty in their various steps and actions with the entities of the collective procedure : debt statement, claiming for goods, termination of contract, designation of the controller

Our firm accompanies buyer’s candidates in the preparation and the presentation of their offers, according to the criterias and the requirements introduced by the law.


Preparation and opening of a collective procedure

  • Ad hoc mandate
  • Conciliation
  • Judicial protection
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation proceedings


Steps and actions with the procedure entities

  • Debt statement
  • Claiming for goods
  • Termination of contract


Preparation and assistance of the presentation of an offer

  • Preparation and presentation of the offer
  • Assistance at the hearing for submission of offers

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